Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Boston Concert

Libera arriving at Wilbur Theatre. It looks windy! ~ photo by Patrick

Photo by Patrick

Photo by Patrick

Libera on the sign of Wilbur Theatre ~ photo by Hoi

Today's the day! Libera's 1st concert of their Spring 2015 Tour is in Boston, Massachusetts! The fans are already getting their seats! It's so exciting to see what boys have traveled to the United States and what songs they are singing!

There are 25 boys on this tour, and 6 of them are newbies - Benedict, Adam, James, Taichi, Mark, and Joseph!!! Welcome to America, boys! Next to their names I wrote out what they say on the concert program underneath their pictures. Their comments are so cute and sweet and funny and really show each boy's personality. I see a theme of fun, food, warm weather, excitement at their first time away from family, and missing pets. The 26th member pictured has been in the choir the longest! :D

1.   Marc Alvares - Really looking forward to the roller coasters that I hope we'll go on!
2.   Shay Balsekar - I'm happy to see the American sunshine
3.   Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey - Looking forward to the tasty pretzels
4.   Merlin Brouwer - I'm going to enjoy singing in the wonderful places
5.   Benedict Bywater* - Excited for my first trip away
6.   Gabriel Collins - Thinking of my cat Crackers
7.   Thomas Delgado-Little - I'm really going to enjoy the singing and the free time with my friends
8.   Alex Gula - I'm going to enjoy performing again in America
9.   Adam Izghouti* - I'm interested in the experience of two weeks away from home
10. Matthew Jansen - I will like doing new harmony parts since my voice is lower
11. Timothy Lee - I am happy to be in America again
12. Isaac London - I can't wait to perform in front of the friendly audiences
13. Alessandro MacKinnon-Botti - I love doing the concerts and activities with my friends
14. Matthew Madine - Thinking of my family when I perform
15. James Menezes* - I'm excited to see what America is like for my first tour
16. Michael Menezes - I'm looking forward to playing some basketball with some Americans!
17. Alex Montoro - I can't wait to see all the different places
18. Cassius O'Connell-White - There's nothing like a good American BUFFET!
19. Taichi Shinokubo* - I'm so excited to go to America away from my family, who I'll miss
20. Camden Stewart - Can't wait to play in the playgrounds that are better than at home
21. Rocco Tesei - America will be very much fun!
22. Mark Ustynovych-Repa* - Thinking of my dog Pickles when I perform
23. Joseph Walshe* - Really going to miss my cat and dog but happy to try my first time away
24. Sam Wiggin - I wish my family could be here with us
25. Lucas Wood - I'm getting ready for the water parks - I hope!
26. Moose - I'll be watching


Stage ~ photo by Patrick

Front seating is at tables! Do they get to eat and drink 
during concert also? ~ photo by Patrick

Robert Prizeman's seat ~ photo by Patrick

The fabulous song list - 

1.   Joyful, Joyful
2.   Sanctus
3.   Amazing Grace
4.   Voca Me
5.   The Prayer
6.   How Can I Keep From Singing
7.   Salva Me
8.   Morning Has Broken
9.   Exultate


10. Always With You
11. Orinoco Flow
12. How Great Thou Art
13. Going Home
14. Song of Life
15. Wayfaring Stranger
16. Wonderful World
17. How Shall I Sing That Majesty

Encore - 

Boys during sound check before the concert ~ photo by Libera

Concert program ~ photo by Patrick

Stay tuned for more after the concert!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Libera's New "The Prayer" Video


Do you have your DVD yet? If not, this will keep you very happy until it arrives. Libera just posted the full video of "The Prayer" from off of their new DVD, "Angels Sing, Libera In America." Now you can watch and listen over and over again. Be happy! :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Libera's New "Wayfaring Stranger" Video

If you haven't ordered your DVD or CD of "Libera In America" yet, here's your #1 reason to go do that right now! Libera just posted the video of "Wayfaring Stranger" which is on the new DVD/CD. It's the most beautiful song ever! And Sam Wiggin's solo is so wonderful! Links to order your DVD or CD are here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Preview of Libera's "The Prayer" Video

Libera posted a message to their fans today - 

"A massive thank you to everyone who has preordered the CD and/or DVD in some shape or form. We can't wait for you to hear/see it. As a small token of our gratitude - here is a preview of 'Prayer' from our forthcoming album. We hope you like it."

Yes, we like it! In fact we love it! This song takes so much vocal control to sing, and Isaac's voice is so perfect and beautiful! We hear only one verse, and it just leaves you wanting more. But take heart fans. Just 5 more days until the CD/DVD are released! :D

Monday, February 23, 2015

Libera's Behind-the-Scenes Video

Just 1 more week until Libera's new DVD/CD are released! To get us even more excited about it, Libera has posted its "Behind-the-Scenes" video which is on the DVD!

There are so many cute moments on it. You can see them touring Washington DC, having fun getting ready for the concert, doing their sound check (where Isaac hits a high A, Matthew Madine sings that solo we've always wanted to hear, Lucas hits a high B-flat, and Sam sings a scale), and filming the concert. You'll also hear excerpts from many songs including the amazing climax of "Voca Me!!!!" Just brilliant! :D

Lucas - "Gel is being put onto my hair... Wow, now my hair smells very nice."

Shay - "He's clinging on to me."
Alex - "Exactly!"
Shay - "He likes clinging on to people."

I don't know what Isaac is saying, but it's hilariously funny anyway!

Making their own fun while waiting


Cassius demonstrates. Ben - "We put on our coats backwards, 
so we don't get Orange Squash down our lovely, white robes."

Kavana - We're drinking." (Gives the look.) "Catch you later."

Gabe in his cute, quiet voice - "Before our concert we have some quiet time to save our voices."
  Proving once again that everything sounds better with a British accent. :D

Camden - "I'm feeling a bit nervous, because there's going to be 9 filming cameras."
Rocco - I'm feeling quite nervous, but I'm excited, too."

Eoghan with that smile the girls all love. :)


After the concert, Alessandro - "Lovely!!"
Timothy - "It was good!"

Ben, Eoghan, & Matthew J. I love seeing the big kids take care of the little kids.

Ben & Alessandro shopping for Libera items.

Sam walking in Washington DC.

Kuba is the shy, quiet one. lol

Marc having fun on the bus.

Eoghan making Michael "swim."

Shay dancing while waiting for the Metro.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Libera of the US 2015 Fund-Raiser

First, congratulations to Libera of the US for receiving 501c3 public charity status from the IRS. That means that donations to Libera of the US may be tax deductible on your US tax return retroactive to January 1, 2013. Please check with your tax preparer for guidance.

Libera is gearing up for a big year of touring in America. You can help support the boys on tour in several ways, big and small, by donating to Libera of the US. Just go to to donate through PayPal or credit card or by mailing a check.

         $8.00    Donate one boy's lunch
       $18.00    Donate one boy's dinner
     $240.00   Donate lunch for the boys
     $540.00   Donate dinner for the boys
       $35.00    Donate water for the boys
     $150.00    Donate one hotel room
  $2,250.00   Donate lodging for the boys
     $500.00   Donate a night at the movies
     $200.00   Donate a domestic flight
     $800.00   Donate an international flight
$12,500.00   Sponsor a concert

You can also donate frequent flier miles. Just write into in the Contact Us section.

After the tour you will receive a thank-you letter signed by one of the boys or signed by all of the boys if you donate a larger amount. Thank you to the many fans who have already donated to support Libera! :D

Friday, February 20, 2015

DVD "Be Still My Soul" Preview Video

Just 10 more days until Libera's new DVD/CD "Libera In America" is released! Warner Classics posted a video preview of Libera's "Be Still My Soul" today. The cinematography is so beautiful. You can see each boy as the camera moves. The harmony parts are amazing on this song. The acoustics in the basilica lets you hear their parts so well. The only bad thing about this video is that it stops right before Tom starts to sing his high part. Wait til you hear it! Order your copy here. 10 more days!!! :D